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Obtained a patent


<Mechanism of Procon Sheet>

Procon sheet is a special laminated sheet made of polypropylene or other non-woven fabric that is heat-processed to allow only water and air to pass through. It is an innovative tool for civil engineering and construction sites that can quickly and appropriately promote the hydration reaction during casting and bring out the original strength of concrete simply by pasting it on the formwork.

Achieves longer life of concrete

Procon sheet not only enables efficient curing, but also reduces air bubbles and avatars from the concrete surface through an appropriate hydration reaction. Creates a dense surface. The dense structure reduces the water absorption rate of concrete, suppresses external factors of deterioration such as chlorine diffusion, freeze resistance, bacterial growth, acid rain, etc., and makes concrete with higher durability.

The fineness of the surface, which requires almost no treatment, solves the problems of construction period and cost.

In addition, concrete placed with a professional concrete sheet requires almost no surface treatment because a high-density surface layer is finished by an appropriate hydration reaction. Direct painting of the paint finish can be achieved with only a slight pinhole repair. Since the finishing work can be cut significantly, labor saving, shortening of construction period, and cost reduction can be achieved.
Proconsheet, which finishes long, strong and beautiful concrete, is one of the epoch-making products that solves the problems of civil engineering and construction sites in the future.

Quality created by Procon Sheet

The photo and data below are a comparison of a concrete piece cut 1,000 times into a circle with a test cutter. The difference in hardness can be confirmed not only as data but also visually. At the same time, a 6.4 water absorption rate test of JSCE-K572, which is the standard of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers, was also conducted, demonstrating the results of about 45% water absorption and low water immersion of unused concrete by soaking in water for 7 days. You can check the high quality of the Procon sheet.


A groove about 10 times deeper than the ultra-high pressure washed surface strongly attaches the tile base mortar.

The Procon sheet for tile base does not require the treatment of mold release agent etc. on the formwork and the ultra-high pressure cleaning after casting, as in the case of general use. By not using a mold release agent, which is one of the causes of interfacial peeling of the tile base, the risk of peeling and peeling of the tile wall surface can be reduced. It increases the contact area of the agent and creates a groove in the concrete that strengthens the adhesion. Grooves with irregularities with a depth of about 0.5 to 2 mm and a pitch of about 4 mm increase the adhesion strength with mortar and undercoating agent by about 2 to 2.5 times compared to the ultra-high pressure washed surface, and at the same time, shrinkage that occurs when the mortar dries. It has the effect of reducing even the expansion of cracks. The high-density concrete surface layer dramatically improves the durability of tile walls and mortar walls, while simplifying work can save labor, reduce costs, and even shorten the construction period.


[Physical characteristics of Procon sheet]


[Concrete surface hardness]

Procon sheet (A type for tile base) Concrete material 5 days, () indicates compressive strength


Easy to use and environmentally friendly

Release agents (especially mineral oil), whose outflow to the soil is a problem, also have an adverse effect on the finish of concrete. Procon sheet does not need to use a mold release agent on the formwork. Therefore, it can be used with confidence even at civil engineering and construction sites used outdoors such as rivers and the sea. In addition, the Procon sheet can be used multiple times even after dismantling. In this respect as well, labor saving and cost reduction will be realized.

[Inquiries about Procon Sheet]
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