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Natural Beauty

​Healthcare Division

As a manufacturer of health foods, cosmetics, health and beauty miscellaneous goods, etc., we not only develop one-of-a-kind products, but also receive OEM products that can be differentiated using special materials from small lots.


​Seafarers Dispatch / Maritime Security Division

Seafarer dispatch business

・ We are working to resolve the shortage of seafarers on coastal vessels.

Maritime security business

We support the operation of guard ships by experienced seafarers .


​Government office business department

As an authorized distributor of government offices, we have various industrial products, environmentally friendly products, and various products, including titanium products. In addition, in order to respond to the requests of land, sea, air, and the Self-Defense Forces, we have established sales offices nationwide to respond promptly.


​Information Security Division

We provide a strong service for information security using a two-dimensional code.


Environment and Energy Division

Providing services using patented material Enepura to improve the environment such as space and water quality, products and services useful for energy saving, environmental conservation, etc., and actively materials and services for social activities such as decontamination We are developing.


Building Materials Division

We sell Procon Sheet ®, a concrete formwork sheet that extends the life of concrete and solves the problem of peeling and peeling of tile walls.

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