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Healthcare Division


◆ Flow of ODM / OEM / Semi-OEM

NSI supports ODM, OEM, and semi-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for all types of supplements such as tableting, capsules, granules, pastes, drinks, and healthy tea.

Of course, the lot is a small lot, and we will decide the quantity that will not be borne by the seller by consultation.
For that purpose, we have a wide variety of contracted trading factories, and we will select the most suitable factory each time and assist in commercialization.

We also provide sales support (eg dispatch of instructors, etc.), so you can take care of everything from product planning to manufacturing and sales promotion.


◆ The role of health foods with high evidence in the medical field

Health foods occupy an important place in our lives. However, there are many types of health foods, and it is difficult to select the food that suits you. I think the following three points are important when choosing health foods.


NSI's health foods are highly functional and safe, and we would like everyone to use them because they can understand the user's experience. NSI's research and development of health foods will look at health foods from a solid perspective and make efforts to realize them.

◆ The role of health foods with high evidence in the medical field

In an aging society, there is an increasing need to stay healthy and healthy for as long as possible, and it is important to review lifestyles, but the idea of "plus health foods" has become a major factor.

On the other hand, even in the medical field, the idea of supplementing with health foods so that the overall natural healing power does not deteriorate against aging is beginning to be adopted in the medical field as well. However, the variety of health foods currently on the market is huge and the information is complicated, so it is difficult to decide which one to choose. Integrative medicine that combines medical care and health foods will be required. In the future, medical institutions will choose ones that have clear safety, efficacy, mechanism of action, and scientific basis according to the purpose of the patient. You will also need expertise in healthy foods that you can do.

At NSI, we believe that research and development is needed to identify scientifically-based, highly effective and safe health foods. NSI will provide health foods that medical institutions can safely introduce and information for that purpose.


◆ Recommended by doctor medical institutions


Dr. Kazunobu Suzuki (Kazunobu Suzuki)
President of Human Trust Clinic Suzuki, a medical corporation

Graduated from Tokyo Medical University, obtained a doctor's degree in "clinical pathological research" of preoperative adjuvant chemotherapy for gastric cancer, lecturer in the Department of Surgery, Tokyo Medical University, jury member of the Tokyo National Health Insurance Federation, assistant professor in the Department of Surgery, Tokyo Medical University , Served as the director of the Department of Surgery, Tokyo Medical University Toyoshima Hospital. Human Trust Clinic Suzuki opened. "Gastrointestinal cancer", especially surgery and chemotherapy for gastric cancer. Extended surgery with neoadjuvant chemotherapy for highly advanced cancer. For early stage cancer, we have introduced reduced surgery and reconstructive surgery in consideration of QOL.


Sensei Taizo Hoshino (Taizou Hoshino)
Chairman of General Medical Village Group / Director of Premiere Clinic

medical doctor. Graduated from Tokyo Medical University. After working at Tokyo Medical University Graduate School, National Institutes of Health (NIH), Tokyo Medical University lecturer, and Premiere Clinic director, he is currently the director of Integrated Medical Village. Founder of the Integrative Medicine Society. Specialist in the Japan Society for Oriental Medicine. Specializes in tumor immunity. Perform immunotherapy outpatients while organizing a private cell and molecule immunotherapy laboratory team. Healing cancer treatment with few side effects. His books include "Preventing Cancer and Curing Cancer with Integrative Medicine" (Kadokawa Shoten), "Hoshino-style Thermal Lymphocyte Treatment" (Metamol Publishing), "Super Immunity" (Kodansha), and "Super Diet for Training Immunity". (Kodansha) etc.


Dr. Ei Uezaki (Sakae Unezaki)
Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, Tokyo University of Pharmacy / Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, Member of the Japanese Society of Pharmaceutical Health Care

After graduating from Tokyo University of Pharmacy, licensed as a pharmacist, certified as a pharmacist by the Japanese Society of Pharmaceutical Health Care (Pharmacy), worked at the Pharmacy Department of Tokyo Medical University Hospital, and served as the chief of the Pharmacy Department, he became a professor at Tokyo University of Pharmacy. Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, Member of the Japanese Society of DDS, Member of the Japanese Society of Pharmaceutical Health Care


Toki Miyataka (Hideki Miyataka)
Tokushima Bunri University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Doctor of Pharmacy / Japan Propolis Council Academic Research Committee

Graduated from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tokushima Bunri University and completed the master's program at the same graduate school. A researcher who has been studying under the late Professor Toshio Sato, an authority on pharmaceutical manufacturing, since he was a student. He is awarded a PhD in Pharmacy from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences for his research on ascorbic acid derivatives, quality evaluation of propolis and its bioactivity.

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