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​Seafarer dispatch business

◆ What is a seafarer dispatch business?

NSI Co., Ltd. wants to contribute to solving the shortage of seafarers on domestic vessels by launching a seafarer dispatch business (permit number 318, date of permission, November 7, 2017) in 2017. increase. In particular, we will dispatch experienced seafarers as substitutes for seafarers' vacations so that we can meet the needs of shipowners.


◆ To shipowners who want to recruit seafarers


Please use seafarer dispatch in such a case.

・ I want a replacement sailor for the current crew vacation.

・ The seafarers had to disembark in a hurry, but there were no spare seafarers.

・ I want to operate a ship for a short period of time, but my own seafarers are not enough.


◆ For those who want to work as a sailor


There is a work style called dispatch that is most suitable for people in their 50s and 60s who have a seaman's license!

・ Dispatched seafarers are hired as employees and take out employment insurance and welfare annuity insurance as well as seafarer insurance.

・ The working style of coastal vessels is usually 3 months and 1 month vacation, but dispatched seafarers can board for a short period of time if desired.

・ The minimum wage of seafarers will be applied to dispatched seafarers, and their income will be compensated.

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