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We have improved the strength and durability of concrete, and with excellent functions and ease of use that do not require ultra-high pressure cleaning, we have shortened the construction period and reduced costs while solving the problem of peeling and peeling of tile walls. We sell frame sheets [Proconcrete sheet @].

◆ Advantages of using Procon Sheet

In recent years, major accidents such as collapse of buildings and peeling of tiles due to disasters such as earthquakes have occurred frequently, which has become a major social problem. Most of these causes are thought to be the aging of concrete and the sticking strength of tiles. Proconsheet was developed to solve these problems and to finish concrete that is as safe, long-lasting, strong and beautiful as possible.
There are the following advantages by using the Procon sheet.


◆ Types of Procon Sheet

You can choose the design of the concrete surface for the concrete sheet according to the application.


Procon sheet improves the strength and durability of concrete simply by attaching it to the formwork at the time of casting, shortening the construction period and reducing costs while extending the life of concrete.


By using the type for tile base of Procon sheet, a groove with a depth of about 10 times that of the ultra-high pressure washed surface is created on the concrete surface, and the mortar is strongly attached to solve the problem of tile peeling and peeling. It can also be used effectively when there are concerns about the effects of dust, noise, wastewater treatment, and frost damage.


* Procon sheet (for tile base) is also effective in the following situations

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